The Aluno Spirit

We Are More Than An Online Educational Platform

Our Story

We are committed to leading the charge in creating the next generation of software to help students around the UK.

As a group of underprivileged students, we struggled to manage our revision timetables and workload properly. We decided to investigate a solution for this and, currently, as part of our final year research project for university, We are developing an Intelligent Tutoring System and aim to bring the best out of students and the future generations to come. Furthermore, we want to strengthen an already present interaction between teacher and pupil and improve parent engagement.

Our platform has a far greater potential to make a positive impact on our society. A cheaper and a more convenient alternative to private tutoring for students to improve their learning. We can finally bridge the gap between the privileged and underprivileged in education.

Our Process


Based on students current knowledge, we assess their performance to give us a better understanding about them and their academic gaps.


We then use our advanced Machine Learning Model to understand their key strengths and weaknesses as well as the areas in which they excel and fall behind.


Finally, we help them tackle these academic gaps by providing them customs lessons and personalised exercises and continue this cycle to perfect our service and their results.


We build Trust.

We partner with the best institutions in the UK to develop a platform with the highest standard of responsibility and sustainability

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